About Us


We are committed to the education, guidance, support, and empowerment of our clients, and to making safety a cultural value for business and community. We will positively influence the overall efficiency, effectiveness, and ultimately the bottom line of your business by reducing workplace injuries, regulatory burdens, and their associated outcomes.


About Advanced Safety & Health

Advanced Safety & Health, LLC is a unique blend of highly experienced occupational safety consultants and occupational health professionals based in Louisville, Kentucky. We are complemented by a strong support network of  safety, industrial hygiene, risk management, and environmental specialists. This firm was created to fill a critical need among businesses to seek and utilize occupational health and safety consultant expertise and resources made available through Advanced Safety & Health, LLC.


It is our goal to provide useful service in a timely manner and find real-world solutions for our clients.  Our areas of expertise encompass manufacturing, construction, fleet safety, insurance, utilities, shipyards, chemical process, service, government contracting, institutions, and health care, among others.


Our staff speaks the language of today’s work environment and can assist everyone – from the novice to the expert. We provide the level of service essential to effectively meet the ever-growing demand and complexity of workplace safety and health. Our full range of services include sophisticated project troubleshooting to long-term safety management services.


Put our collective occupational health and safety consulting and training expertise to work for you to provide a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace. We know you will be satisfied with the “bottom line.”


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