Experienced Safety and Health Partner

We are Your Trusted, Experienced Safety and Health Partner

Ten is the number of years many businesses have been partnering with us. Sixteen is the number of years we’ve served this region. One hundred and thirty is the number of years of cumulative experience our team possesses. 

These are just a few of our statistics; still they are more than numbers. They convey the professionalism in our services, the rich history we share with our partners, and the trust we’ve earned with them.

Why We Can Be Trusted

We are committed to creating a culture of safety for the organizations with which we work. We’ve proven this for many years because we keep our promises. We can also be trusted because in the same way we strive to customize our services to your needs, we are also just as committed to telling you what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear. Safety for your employees – and your organizational success – is our highest priority. That burden is not on your shoulders alone. We’ll help you make the necessary changes so that regulatory exposure, hazardous conditions, and potential injury are mitigated from your work environment.

How Our Experience Impacts Our Service As Your Experienced Safety and Health Partner

Our staff includes board certified safety professionals with expertise in a wide array of occupational settings to include manufacturing, chemical, municipal, and utilities. Collectively, we’ve experienced just about every occupational safety and health issue or request our clients present to us. We’ve pretty much seen it all! When you work with us, you have access to our entire team and the strengths each member offers which is a major benefit for your organization. Advanced Safety & Health’s diverse and extensive background increases the ways we can serve you. We maintain a business mindset which means we value organizational success and efficiency the way you do!

What a Partnership Looks Like

We view our clients as partners. When we offer services, we come alongside you in your environmental health and safety efforts. We support you and seek to understand your needs. Some of our partners’ employees view us as their co-workers and we love it! That’s how closely we want to work with you. That’s how committed we are to developing and improving your occupational safety and health endeavors. When speaking of numbers, the old adage says two are better than one. We value collaboration so much that our team mindset extends even to helping clients network with each other.

If you’re interested in discussing a partnership, contact us today!