safety partnerships between workers

Our Partnerships Series: Process Machinery, Inc.

Our ideal partnership at Advanced Safety & Health is a collaboration between an organization and our team which requires a mutual investment in each other. When we come alongside an entity, investing through consulting and training, that entity must also invest in us by devoting the time and resources necessary to learn new practices and make needed changes. When this happens, the results are extraordinary! We are both impacted for the better through the experience.

There are also many other benefits of partnerships with us. To give you more insight into our partnerships, we want to share about some of our long-time partners over the next few weeks. We want to celebrate them! Each one is unique in the great work they do, so we’re always excited to work with them!

Our Partnership with Process Machinery, Inc.

We love working with Process Machinery. Based in Shelbyville, Kentucky, they provide full service system solutions for mineral processing. We’ve partnered with them for over 12 years. Their Safety Director, Jim Craig, spoke with us recently about how our partnership has positively impacted their organization. He couldn’t stop talking about how professional our team member, Eric Lawrence is. When asked what he loves about our team, Jim replied, “They are always prepared and prompt. Also, they’re flexible to what we need.” Through the years, our team members have been onsite at Process a few days each week, even up to a full month of consecutive work days, depending on their needs. At one point, a team-member served as a full-time employee for a season, just to get the job done! Jim told us Eric even has desk space in his office.

The Day-to-Day of Partnerships

On an average day, Eric and Jim meet in their “shared” office to discuss tasks at hand. From there, because Eric is so familiar with the facility, he knows exactly where to go to get the resources he needs. He then reports back to Jim, providing him with the most thorough information. Sometimes, it’s a recommendation for getting their workplace aligned with OSHA standards. Other times, we’ve set up entire safety programs which involves creating manuals or written procedures. We’ve also trained their entire team – often with a quick turn-around – because educating employees is one of the most important things to us. Their employees find themselves in confined spaces and around heavy equipment. For them, Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA) regulations are even stricter than OSHA, and we’ve been able to train and assist them with those provisions.

As a partner, it’s our job to truly understand the nature of your work so we can recommend the best practices. However, we don’t just tell you what needs to be done. We equip and empower.

According to Jim, they have reduced their frequency of accidents and have maintained government regulations because of our partnership. We love hearing that! We look forward to continuing our partnership with them for many years to come!