Thybar Partnership

Partnership Series #2: Thybar Corporation

We’re excited to continue our partnership series– this time with a twist. Our friends at The Marketing Squad, who assist us in marketing efforts, interviewed today’s highlighted partner, Thybar Corporation. They spoke with their VP of Operations, Jim Barmantje. Below is the conversation between The Marketing Squad and Jim.

The Marketing Squad: What’s one of your most notable examples of a safety issue faced at your workplace?

Jim: Thybar has always had a safety program but we were never able to take our program to the next level successfully.  With the help from Advanced Safety & Health, they offered the help and assistance to push us to the next level. With their expertise and attention to detail, we were successful in obtaining the Governors Health and Safety award. Not just once, but were able to acquire it for several years in 2008, 2015, 2016 and we’re now eligible in 2017.

The Marketing Squad: What were the main obstacles you faced when addressing this safety issue?

Jim: Our overall problem with safety was a culture issue – needing buy-in from our company and a way to express the importance. We could not get our employees to buy into the program.  Advanced Safety & Health was the consulting company that was able to steer us in the right direction and offer the guidance and assistance needed to take us to the next level.

The Marketing Squad: Was Advanced Safety & Health able to assist with this issue? If so, how?

Jim: Yes, but it was not an overnight cure. They were very methodical with their approach. With a lot of work by both AS & H and Thybar, we were able to achieve the Governor’s Safety and Health award several years and maintain our status with the Kentucky OSHA.

The Marketing Squad: How have your safety measures improved through the support of Advanced Safety & Health?

Jim: Safety has always been an afterthought – a “take care of it later” type of attitude. Now it is at the forefront of our company. Advanced Safety & Health was the company that took our Kentucky location to the next level. With their guidance, our Kentucky location has become a very safe place to work!

The Marketing Squad: What does a partnership with Advanced Safety & Health mean to you?

Jim: We have been partnered up with AS & H for many years, and I am looking forward to working with them many more years.

The Marketing Squad: How long have you been partnering with them?

Jim: My estimation is about 10 years! My oldest e-mail record with them is dated April 2007. It is very possible that we have been with them longer.

The Marketing Squad: Why do you choose to work with them?

Jim: We have been in Kentucky since January 1997. We tried our own thing and it did not work so well; keeping up with the laws, bookkeeping, training– the list goes on and on. We tried at least two other consultants. One was from out of state; that was a total failure. They were never available when we needed them. Then we tried another local company but once our primary consultant left that company our service went downhill and fast! That was the difference with Advanced Safety & Health. They are truly a safety company. I personally cannot say enough nice things about them. From our Consultant Eric Lawrence to the owner Dwayne Towles and even their entire team. When we need them, they are there.

We appreciate Jim’s time and his experience he shared with The Marketing Squad. We are so glad he enjoys working with us because we truly feel the same way about Thybar Corporation.