Are Stickers or Personal Items Allowed on Company Property?

Are Stickers or Personal Items Allowed on Company Property?

It seems like that using stickers, paint, or markers on company property such as hard hats, machinery, ladders and other equipment would be the ideal method of identifying an individual’s items. However, by doing so you could be violating OSHA regulations. The following gives you an idea of what types of things are not allowed or approved by OSHA:

1. Stickers

While OSHA does not explicitly forbid the use of stickers on hard hats, machinery, and other types of equipment, it does express concern about the ability of these items to be effectively inspected. Defects, debris, cracks and other types of damage can be concealed due to a sticker’s placement. Read more about stickers on hard hats here.

2. Paint

Although paint provides an ideal method of differentiating department personnel from one another or otherwise identifying employees quickly, OSHA has issued a strong caution against this practice as well. The use of paint can reduce the protective qualities of equipment in the case of electrical resistance. This is true whether the item is a hard hat or a type of machinery.

3. Adhesives

Adhesives raise the concerns of OSHA for many of the same reasons as paint does. The use of such adhesives can compromise the integrity of the material of the hard hat or machinery is made of unless it has undergone testing by the manufacturer.

4. Pens and Markers

The chemicals that comprise a pen or marker could cause a hard hat to become weak over time. These compounds — which often contain toxins — could also compromise the equipment’s resistance to electricity.

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