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Is your business growing and you need more safety processes?


Are you feeling pressure from corporate and need a second opinion?


You need an audit.

We can help you advance your organization by providing a comprehensive audit of your safety and health system. Whether it’s a compliance audit, program audit, or an audit of your management system, the information we gather will be extremely beneficial. Through this service, we are committed to educating and empowering you. We can positively influence your organization’s efficiency – and ultimately your bottom line – by improving the quality of your workplace and reducing the severity and frequency of accidents and their associated outcomes.


Here’s what our audits can offer:

  • Identification of potential risk factors within the organization which may contribute to work-related injuries, worker’s compensation claims, and/or safety-related property loss incidents
  • Identification of OSHA violations
  • Formal report of findings
  • Explanation of all risks identified
  • Proposed action plan to address named findings
  • Logistical and technical support for implementation of plan


Depending on your needs, our audits can take a few hours up to several days. No matter its extent, we believe the outcome will be worth your time, so don’t hesitate to request a time to discuss your potential audit. Through this conversation, we can provide a consultative assessment of your needs. After that, we can determine a start date for your audit and prepare an in-depth, customized outline for you.


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