Want to improve your Fleet Safety Management System?

Have a good program but not getting the cost reductions you wanted?

Looking for ways to reduce your Auto Liability and Workers Compensation Costs related to auto accidents?

Having problems with D.O.T. Compliance?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, Advanced Safety & Health, LLC offers you the expertise to successfully meet these challenges. We offer flexible assistance for fleets of all types and sizes.

We partner with you to meet your needs in the manner that is best for you. We can assist your employees in developing or improving your programs and procedures or we can do most of the work for you - the choice is yours. Either way, we will work with you to improve your Fleet Safety Management System, D.O.T. Compliance, and reduce your costs.

Services Provided – Advanced Safety & Health can help you manage your fleet, regardless of size or type. We can help you with everything from D.O.T. regulated commercial fleets to non-regulated sales fleets using smaller vehicles.

  • Comprehensive Fleet Safety Program Development: Whether you want to implement a fleet safety program or improve a program already in place, we can assist you in that effort.

  • Risk Assessment: In addition to assuring you are in complete compliance, we can take your safety efforts to the next level to look for potential risks and identify ways to reduce them. This can reduce your costs, keep your employees at work longer, and increase your productivity.

  • Training for Senior Managers on Fleet Safety Program Management: Even the best fleet safety program needs the support of management. We can train your managers on how to implement your fleet safety program effectively.

  • Regulatory Compliance Assessments: Advanced Safety & Health can do a complete assessment of your fleet management practices and programs to look for any areas where compliance may be lacking.

  • Safety Committee Training and Assistance: Employee involvement is just as important as senior management support. One of the best ways to keep your employees involved is to use their knowledge to improve and guide your safety efforts. We can train your safety committee to be as effective as possible to reduce accidents and lower your cost.

  • Analysis of Past and Future Incidents: We can review your accident history to identify trends and look for opportunities to reduce accidents. We can also use this data to forecast times that your organization is more prone to accidents and what can be done to prevent or reduce these accidents.

  • Recognition Program for Safe Drivers: We can develop a custom program based on driver training, pro-active driver activities, and accident history. Our programs go beyond the passive recognition programs which simply reward unsafe drivers who “get lucky” by not having accidents.

  • Cultural and Behavior Change Management Assistance: We can help change the safety culture of your organization by designing a custom program suited to your organization.

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