Safety & Compliance Auditing


Safety and Compliance Auditing Services

Advanced Safety & Health provides an array of occupational safety and health auditing services based on client needs and expectations. Typically, these services are focused in four primary areas:

    • Regulatory Compliance Assessments
    • Corporate Safety and Health Compliance Audit Services
    • Safety Management System Gap Analysis
    • Employee Safety Perception Surveys



Regulatory Compliance Assessments are intended to evaluate compliance with applicable safety and health regulations to assist the client in achieving a desired level of regulatory compliance. Our role is to identify unsafe conditions and/or practices, to determine regulatory non-compliance, and to develop a corrective action process identifying the level of risk and recommendations on how to remedy the identified deficiencies.


Corporate Safety and Health Compliance Audit Services are structured to assess a company’s performance against its own corporate-level and/or divisional-level safety and health principles. These audits often exceed regulatory requirements and encompass organizational and industry expectations. We can either assist the client in developing an audit protocol or utilize the client’s existing corporate audit practices. Our diversified team of certified safety, health, and environmental professionals is prepared and available to travel the globe based on client needs and locations.


Our Safety Management System Gap Analysis process evaluates an entire organization’s conformance with nationally recognized safety and health management standards. These audits focus on compliance with the requirements of industry-recognized environmental health and safety standards in order to identify areas of nonconformity or gaps in the client’s programs. The recommendations and work plan that results from the analysis is your road map for successful implementation.


Employee Safety Perception Surveys, developed in a collaborative partnership between our safety experts and survey experts, are tools we utilize to create an effective survey of safety perceptions within your organization. This customizable survey tool, used either as a stand-alone product or as a component of a more comprehensive safety and health audit process, explores the safety culture within an organization as well as captures feedback from employees of the perceived effectiveness of the safety systems within that organization.

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