LG&E/KU Passport

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LG&E/KU Passport Training

All industrial workers employed by a certified contractor who will be working in or around LG&E and KU facilities must complete LG&E/KU’s Passport Safety Training Program on an annual basis. This program is designed to enlighten workers on the importance of safety and the hazards associated with working in power plant environments.


This training also identifies additional specific OSHA, EPA, and DOT compliance training that may be required in certain situations. However, please be aware that this training will not serve to fulfill any compliance training required by the above-listed agencies.


Advanced Safety & Health is a Certified Third-Party Provider of the Passport Safety Training which encompasses Power Generation as well as Transmission/Distribution (but excludes sub-station entry). Participants also receive required Site Specific Orientation and Anhydrous Ammonia Awareness training that will allow contractor access to the Mill Creek, Ghent, E.W. Brown, Cane Run, Trimble County, and Green River facilities. We offer this program in two formats:


Open Enrollment


This class is conducted on the second Monday of each month and is held at Indiana Wesleyan University – Louisville Education and Conference Center located at 1500 Alliant Avenue, Louisville, KY 40299. There is no minimum number of participants you can register. The training fee is $110 per attendee. To download a 2018 registration form, please click here.


Contract Class


Schedule one of our certified trainers to come to your location (or we can provide the location) to train your employees at a time that is conducive for your needs. This option is priced on a per class basis, not per attendee. Please contact us for pricing.




Passport Safety Training Contacts


Please contact Kathy Towles to register for any of the Open Enrollment classes or to discuss scheduling a Contract Class.  She can be reached at (502) 240-6910.


For additional information regarding the Passport Safety Training Program, please email us at info@advancedsafetyhealth.com.




Advanced Safety & Health does not provide the Train-the-Trainer program where individuals are trained to conduct the Passport classes at their workplaces. Passport Train-the-Trainer is only offered through LG&E and KU. Please contact Ken Nichter at LG&E at (502) 269-4949 or kenneth.nichter@LGE-KU.com for more information.